2018 Update

It’s been a long time.  It will probably be a long time again, I’m very busy and will likely not be back updating the blog regularly any time soon, but I do want to give an update on where I am at with my brewing.

Last year, in the same week in May 2017, I started the Brewing Science program at Harrisburg Area Community college and took on a part time job as assistant brewer at Bube’s Brewery here in Mount Joy, Pa.

In October, I took over as head brewer at Bube’s.  As of December 8, I am responsible for all the house beers coming out of Bube’s.  We have five taps dedicated to house beer, being served from a three barrel brewhouse and ten barrel fermenters.  I have freedom to brew whatever I want and hope to balance the output between classic German style beers, honoring the history of Alois Bube and other early German brewer immigrants to America, and more modern styles that reflect the diverse range of events and customers at Bube’s today.

In January I won the marketing presentation competition in my brewing class.  The class beer, which we’ll be brewing this week at ZeroDay Brewing in Harrisburg, will use my name, Hoppily YOURS.  Look for it in cans and on draft in mid March.

I am still at the same day job, but I hope to leave it once I finish school and brew full time.

Of course, I have and will continue to homebrew.  Yesterday, I brewed a fresh batch of Amy Ni-Kölsch and I recently got a bunch of cherries from the beer’s namesake’s parents that I’m planning some brews around for the near future.

As I said, I have no plans to get back to posting with the regularity that I once did, but maybe I can check in occasionally.  If you are in the area, please stop by Bube’s and give the beers a try.  If you can’t make it to Mount Joy, look for ZeroDay and HACC’s Hoppily YOURS in cans.  Let me know what you think.


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