One Year

IMG_0261Today is the one year anniversary of this blog. I think I did enough looking back when I ended my daily posts to last a good long while, but I did want to acknowledge the anniversary for my own records.

I am behind. I brewed a couple weeks ago and have yet to post about it. The good thing about not posting every day is that I have time to edit my posts and get them to a point that I actually like them. The downside is that without a deadline, I am probably overthinking things. I will get that recipe post up this week, though.

Tasting notes are still coming as a weekly feature, but I want to bank several of them beforehand to make sure that once I start, I can actually stick to the schedule. That will probably take another couple weeks. I have plenty of beers to cover.

There are some other posts I’ve been thinking about, not directly tied to any of my batches. I haven’t started writing of them, but I’m hoping to get some of these ideas down soon. I feel like I’ve spent the last few months posting “stay tuned, more content coming soon!” But really, stay tuned, more content coming soon!