Week Forty

IMG_5096Wow. Week Forty. Okay, this is going to be a busy week outside the blog and I have a lot to cover in the blog as well.

First of all, I brewed my second last week. It was a process drawn out over the whole week. I’ll explain that tomorrow. Then I’ll do a batch update on Tuesday. I’m a bit behind on the batch updates, so that will probably be a long one and it will be followed the next couple days by tasting notes for some of the same beers I’ve just updated (spoiler: there’s been some bottling).

Then, on Friday, in my house the official start of the Christmas season, I’ll write about my Christmas beer from last year. This is the last old batch I have yet to write about, so that is kind of big. I’ve mentioned before that I like to do a crowd pleasing beer for family events around the holidays, but I also like to do a weirder beer to fit my own idea of Christmas. Hop Holiday was that beer last year. This year it is the one I brewed last week (although for a time I thought it might have to be Night Work because I wasn’t sure I’d fit this one in). Anyway, Hop Holiday seemed like a somewhat original idea when I had it last year, this year’s beer is probably just plain strange. Come back all week to see what I’m talking about.


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