Autumn Bliss Liebfraumilch Tasting Notes

Okay. I’m going to try this again, but I warn you: it will be quick and will probably not be good. Here we go.
I get a very similar aroma to the Piesporter, but it is a little bit more tart. There is alcohol that I never noticed and won’t likely notice again as I don’t normally inhale with this level of intensity when drinking wine for pleasure as opposed to review. The prevalent aroma is fruit and the tartness brings it a bit broader than the Piesporter. It is not just grapes. I can’t pinpoint anything from just the aroma, but hopefully it gets clearer with a sip.

On the palate, it I get an almost strawberry like flavor. It is nowhere near that sweet, it is slightly tart and almost a little bitter. These are both at a low level and very pleasant, but I don’t remember them from the other wine.

In fact, the only way I’m going to be able give many details on this is probably to compare it to our first batch, so I’m going to go ahead and get some of that out to make the comparison more accurate.
Wow. Drinking these next to each other, the Piesporter tastes much sweeter than I remember. The Liebfraumilch is much more complex. Maybe my tasting notes weren’t that far off. The Piesporter is extremely likable, but it just doesn’t seem very complex next to the Liebfraumilch.

I get more berry, peach and… tang. Okay, I guess I still don’t know what I’m doing, but both of these wines taste great on their own. My opinion of the new batch of Liebfraumilch has been boosted by trying the two back to back, though.

I’ve always liked pairing the Piesporter with food and haven’t found a lot of combinations that don’t work. Its simplicity is not a bad thing, but I think I’ll be enjoying the Liebfraumilch more on its own as opposed to only along with dinner. It should still be good with a lot of food, but it will take a bit more planning to really fit well, I think.

I have some of both wines left, but I don’t have the vocabulary to express much more about them, so I’m going to end this. I can heartily recommend either kit, though.


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