Yellow Cat Tart Cider (2014) Tasting Notes

Original Post: Yellow Cat Tart Cider
Style: Dry Sparkling Cider
Brew Date: September 2, 2014
Tasting Date: October 27, 2014
ABV: 11.3%

This is one of the first bottles of this that I’ve opened. It has been in the bottle for about a month, but I was disappointed to find that it wasn’t fully carbonated. I still think it will get there, but this stuff is very strong and it is going to take some time. I wanted to be sure to get tasting notes in while I’m still doing daily posts, but as with Triple Valor, I may do an update later.

Anyway, despite its very low carbonation, this stuff is already really nice. The aroma has lots of apples and also a surprising honey note. This stuff is extremely dry, but it is definitely not as harsh as the older batch. It has a similar character, but a smoother edge. Considering how I’ve just been explaining that this is very young, that is surprising. I think the grape juice concentrate in the old batch that I skipped here has a lot to do with that.

The higher quality apple juice may also contribute. I don’t get the distinctly Granny Smith character from this, it is still tart but the honey character takes it in a different direction. I skipped the grape juice, but this still has a very grape-y, white wine character that comes in late as well.

Aside from the honey, which comes through more in the nose than on the palate, this really does taste like a refined, smoother version of the original. This does not show its young age. I’m anxious to see how it will be a year from now, but it does not taste like it needs aging.

I did the tasting notes for the 2011 version last night and I can tell you that this is going down much quicker. I am very happy with it, I just hope it carbonates.


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