Labeling Day

IMG_4282I’ve been writing about my labels for the last month or so, now let’s get down to actually labeling the bottles.

I have tried the sticker sheets you can buy at the homebrew store and they are nice and easy to apply, but they’re also expensive and much more hassle to get off. Keep in mind the work involved not just in getting your bottles labeled, but in later cleaning them for re-use.

The simplest and most effective method I have found probably also the most obvious. Other than special circumstances when I’ll splurge on different types of paper, I just use regular copier paper printed from my ink jet printer. Amy then cuts the labels out for me. She does a much better job and also claims to somehow enjoy the chore. Once they’re cut out, I glue them in place with Elmer’s School Glue. That is the secret, in my opinion. Elmer’s is cheap, easy to find and most importantly, it stays secure until you apply any type of cleaning agent, all of which will easily remove it.

I squirt a couple swirls of glue on the back of a bunch of labels, laid out on a stool in front of my spot on the couch and then spread the glue with a Q-Tip on each of them before sticking the labels onto the bottles. You have a few seconds to squirm the label around if you don’t place it exactly how you want it at first.
The glue dries pretty quick, but I usually let them sit out over night just in case. You could probably put them into whatever container you’re storing them in with in ten or fifteen minutes if you need to.

This may seem too simple to warrant a post, but sometimes things are so obvious they just get overlooked. This is a fast and easy way to make your bottled beer look nice and it is easy to clean up for the next batch.


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