Week Thirty Six


Despite the lack of theme, there is a lot going on this week.  First of all: I’M BREWING ON TUESDAY!  I made two batches of cider last week, but it’s been about six weeks since I brewed Moist, my last batch of beer and it feels like forever.

The drought finally ends on Tuesday, when I’ll be brewing two batches of beer.  I’ll post about those beers on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wednesday night, I’ll be attending my second Lancaster Brewers club meeting.  This month is their Pumpkin Beer contest.  I’ll be entering last year’s Plumpkin Ale Saison.  I’ll post the results and other details about the evening on Friday.  It is Halloween and all of my other pumpkin beer posts were in July, so it only seems appropriate.

I’ll fill in the rest of the week with a post about an old batch and some tasting notes.  We are coming ever closer to the end of daily posts and I am almost caught up with all of my old batches.  I’ll also be hitting my 250th post this week.  I won’t deny that I’m excited to get a break soon.  I’m much more excited to finally brew again on Tuesday, though.


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