Yellow Cat Dry Cider (2012) Tasting Notes

Original Post: Yellow Cat Dry Cider
Style: Dry Cider
Brew Date: Fall, 2012
Tasting Date: October 3, 2014
ABV: 7%
This stuff is remarkably clear. It is an off-white, extremely pale yellow color. Similar to a white wine. The aroma is fantastic. It is well carbonated, but the foam dissipated extremely quickly. Other than the small stream of bubbles from the etched glass, there is already no head left.

As soon as I popped the cap I got a good whiff of apple. It only got stronger as I poured it out. It is all apples in the nose, but they strangely seem like the tart Granny Smith variety. I guess it makes sense because it is extremely dry, but the original cider was definitely not tart.

It is mouth puckeringly dry. The first sip reminds me of sour apple candy, without of course, the sweetness. It is still all apples. The tartness is still surprising me. I think that this cider has aged very well, but it is so crushingly dry that it is almost hard to drink.
Every sip seems to dry my throat out. I want some water to go with the cider. It has been a long time, I think that this has gotten better with age but it still is not really my thing. It isn’t quite as one dimensional as I remember, but it is far from refreshing. There are no off flavors to speak of, there is nothing specifically wrong with it. I really think that it is well made, it just isn’t for me. Amy and a few other people have given it glowing reviews. This is not a stat based overview, though, it is my own opinion and I’m just not crazy about this cider. It was still a good experiment and I’m glad I made and glad that I saved some for a couple years.


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