Satellite Hop Yard Update

This will be a quick one, but I promised to update on the hops I planted at the cabin. I was planning to stick it into a batch update post, but I haven’t brewed in a while and I don’t have much to update on. I finally made it up to the cabin last weekend, though. This is what I found.

IMG_4384If you don’t remember, I planted two Cascade rhizomes in the Spring. One is in front of the cabin under a wooden trellis that has been hanging since my parents bought the cabin without being used. The other is by the shed, where there is a fence with a birdhouse hung on an extended post. Both rhizomes showed growth. That is exciting. Both looked like something was eating the leaves. That is perplexing.

I’m not sure what would eat hop bines and I’m not completely sure that is what happening, but it looks that way. Both bines were around six inches and stripped completely of leaves. There was a bit cut (chewed?) off that actually still had leaves intact.

IMG_4388This is a lot less growth than I had in my first year hop yard at home, but I’m happy that both rhizomes sprouted. I haven’t done anything to keep up with these things and they both at the very least, survived. I’m anxious to see what next year will bring.


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