Batch Update

I have five beers to update on today. Most of them have been in the works for a long time and are still not ready to drink. These things can’t be rushed, but let’s hurry up and get to them anyway.
batch088 – 2014 PROOF
I bottled PROOF on September 7. As of tomorrow, it will have been in the bottle for one month and I have yet to open any of the forty-seven bottles. This is probably a personal record. The beer had dried out slightly when I bottled it, after the final yeast addition, so I’m hopeful that it will at least get some carbonation. If not, though, it won’t be the end of the world. With the extra fermentation, this was up to 17.7% ABV. I am hoping to take a bottle with to the cabin this weekend. Which means that I need to get them labeled this week. I am hand numbering the labels, so I need them all to be intact when I get to that. I will have more on the much more involved labeling process I’m doing for this beer in a future edition of my series of label posts.
batch091 – Triple Valor
I bottled Triple Valor on September 30. I decided agains using a bottle priming yeast, but the couple beers that I’ve opened so far have not been fully carbonated. They are starting to carbonate, not completely flat so I’m confident that they will finish eventually. I had the same slow carbonating issue with Old SMaSHy and it eventually conditioned perfectly.

batch094 – Fruit Spectrum IPA
This beer was bottled on August 28 and most of it has subsequently been consumed. I already posted my tasting notes.

batch095 – Old SMaSHy Barley Wine
I plan to dry hop this beer later this week or early next week. Then, of course, I’ll bottle it about a week afterwards. After the issue with Triple Valor, I’m again considering adding fresh yeast, but that is complicated. This is meant to be a single malt, single hop and single yeast beer. So if I do add yeast, it will have to be more of the primary yeast, WLP007 – Dry English Ale. I hate to waste a full vial for this purpose and I have no plans to use the yeast again in the near future, so we’ll see what I decide on in a week or two.
batch096 – Yellow Cat Tart Cider (2014)
I bottled this one on September 21, three weeks after mixing it up. I haven’t opened any of them, but they tasted good when I was bottling. It is not quite as tart as the original batch, the lack of the grape juice extract, I’m guessing. It should be great and it is another one that I’m hoping to take a bottle of to make its debut at the cabin this weekend. (Did I mention Amy and I are going to the cabin this weekend?)
batch097 – Moist Harvest Pale Ale
This was bottled straight from the primary fermenter on September 23. I will confess that I already tried one and it wasn’t bad. I hope it will improve with the appropriate time to condition, but we’ll have to wait on that one, too.


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