Hogun’s Demeanor Mild

In the middle of the Dark Times, I had one bright spot. On the same day that I brewed Hogun’s Mace Robust Porter, I made an English Mild with the second runnings. Dubbed Hogun’s Demeanor, this beer turned out quite well.

I surprised how light the color of the beer turned out. It was still full of flavor, though. All the malt flavor I was hoping for in the porter was here, albeit a bit thinner and lighter. I added some brown sugar to up the gravity slightly, which took the final ABV to around 3.5%.

The malts were well balanced by East Kent Goldings hops. I added the hops all at the beginning of the boil for a balancing bitterness, without much hop flavor, allowing the light malt flavor to shine through.

This ale fermented with S-04, an estery English yeast, adding another layer of complexity. Not too much, though. This was an easy drinking beer and it disappeared quick. Because of the low gravity, it fermented quickly and was bottled before its big brother became infected. I was lucky to have this consolation prize, I just wish I had had more of it.


Hogun’s Demeanor Mild
Style: Mild Ale
Brew Date: August 20, 2013
Serve Date: September, 2013
OG: 1.036
Expected FG: 1.01
Approximate ABV: 3.5%
IBUs: 30

53% American Pale Malt
33% Maris Otter Malt
7% Chocolate Malt
7% Munich Malt
Plus a small amount of brown sugar

Hops (approximately 2 gallon batch)
.4 oz East Kent Golding @ 60 min



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