Week Thirty One

IMG_3928I hope you learned from my mistakes last week. Or at least were able to relate. Anyway, back to normal this week. No theme, but maybe a couple out of the ordinary posts.

The things I’ve gotten the most comments about since starting this blog are my labels. I try to post the label for each batch I write about, but I haven’t really talked about them at all, so I’m going to try to sum up my general process for making labels this week.

I have mentioned before that I was on a quest to gather milk crates. I have been pretty successful in that quest and now I’m going explain some of the many reasons that milk crates are awesome. Not just for homebrewers, although that will of course be the focus, but they’re pretty great in general too.

Anyway, beyond that, I will have some tasting notes and maybe cover some older batches. I have some bottling to do this week, but I don’t plan to brew anything new for a little bit. I have one batch of something a little different going that I haven’t covered yet, but I’m going to wait a while to talk about that (TEASER). Otherwise, I’m not planning to brew for a little bit. The next two batches I’m planning are ten gallons. For them to happen, I’m going to need a new kettle. When I get that new kettle depends on when I can afford to pay for it.

That could be a little bit yet, but that is okay. As I said, I have bottling to do and at the moment, I’m not necessarily short on bottles, but my supply is limited. What I’m getting at is that the next few weeks will consist of more drinking than brewing.

Although, I would like to do a batch of Yellow Cat Sweet Cider soon…


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