Dark Times Week

If you have been brewing long enough, you’ve surely had a bad batch at some point. Have you ever strung a few together, though? Judging from internet forums, it seems to be pretty common and it also seems to lead to a lot of people leaving the hobby.

I had a string of a few bad batches last year around this time. It was extremely frustrating and discouraging, however I was able to rebound and had some of my favorite batches soon afterwards.

I’ll be covering some of my worst batches, including the string of three that happened last year, starting with my infected attempt at an Oktoberfest beer and including my first harvest ale. Both of those were extremely disheartening. I’m sharing these and grouping them together to hopefully help keep others from getting discouraged and giving in to urge to give up.

I’ll be covering several batches and brew days and then ending the week with tasting notes for two of those beers. I fell on dark days, but I made it through.


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