200th Post

I had some ideas for big elaborate posts I could write today. I plan to go through with a couple of them, but ultimately I decided that while I wanted to acknowledge my two-hundredth post, I didn’t want to do anything huge. I think I’ll just sort of reflect on this stupid seven-days-a-week-homebrew-blog idea and how it’s been going. In other words, I don’t have much a plan. Like a lot of other blogs, I’m just going to start writing (okay, I already have) and see where it goes. So feel free to skip this one…

When I started this project, I wanted to make a post about each of my batches. I was somewhere around eighty batches in at that point. I planned to post five days a week and figured I could get caught up in about a hundred posts. I very quickly decided to do seven posts a week, then quickly regretted it. Ultimately, I’m glad I went this direction, though. I started adding a lot of other posts pretty quickly. Originally I tried to pair batches with related topics, as I did during Kölsch week. I’m very happy with how those posts turned out and I’d like to do more stuff like that in the future, but it was not realistic to keep up with that kind of stuff on a daily blog.

I adopted the idea of doing quick posts on Sunday to setup what my plan was for the week and that was when the tone of the blog really clicked into place. Then I decided to do tasting notes for all of my available batches. That was something that I planned to add after I got caught up for any new batches. Why skip the old stuff if I still have it around, though?

I’m very proud just of the fact that I’ve stuck with this. Two-hundred posts in two-hundred days is a big accomplishment for me. When I was planning to start the blog, I started posting on a Tumblr page to test things out. I posted five days a week for a few weeks, then stopped for a few more weeks before starting this blog. Those posts were integrated here, although they were all expanded upon.
This is probably the most boring post I’ve done, so I guess I’ll end it. I just want to thank anyone who actually reads these things. I mainly started this blog to force myself to take better notes and keep more of a record of my hobby. If anyone actually enjoys it or even learns from it, then I am extremely grateful for the chance to share my passion. I recently said I thought I’d be doing daily posts for another six weeks or so. I actually made a chart of the things I want to post in that time period… and it looks more like eight weeks from now. I’m sure I’ll add more stuff in that time… maybe ten weeks?


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