Cider Week

Tomorrow, it will be September! In homebrewing, that usually means two things: pumpkin beer, which I covered back in July and of course, hard cider. I have a go to recipe that I usually make every year for sweet cider and a few recipes that I rotate between. I normally do at least two batches a year. Probably more like three.

So I’ll be covering all of the hard cider I’ve made up to this point, including a new batch I’m starting this week as well tasting notes for my recently bottled batch of Wyld Cyser. I don’t think I’ll have room for any more tasting notes, so I’ll be peppering them in through out the fall, but now is the time to get your batches of hard cider fermenting. In most cases, I like to get it bottled and drunk quickly to preserve the fresh apple flavor, so you still have time but don’t wait. I’ll be posting a very quick and delicious recipe for sweet cider tomorrow, it is how I started and it would be a great place for anyone else to jump into the world of fermented apple beverages.


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