Lemonade Head Tasting Notes

IMG_3722Original Post: Lemonade Head
Style: Hard Lemonade (Malt Liquor)
Brew Date: Summer, 2012
Tasting Date: August 29, 2014
ABV: 6.5%

I guess it’s only right that I fit this in before Labor Day brings an unofficial end to Summer on Monday. This is not a beer. It’s a hard lemonade. It is made with lemon juice, sugar, water and champagne yeast. It has been sitting in the bottle for a long time and I’m curious how well it has held up. Here we go.

This is uncarbonated, so no pop with the bottle cap. It pours very clear and the color is much lighter than normal lemonade. It looks mostly like a white wine. The aroma is also reminiscent of wine. There is definitely some detectable alcohol along with a little bit of lemon (not much) and some sweetness. I hope there is more lemon and less alcohol in the first sip…

Hmm. This no longer tastes like lemonade. It is sweet with some alcohol heat and it is lemony… but it almost tastes artificial. I assure you it’s not, but the aging has done some tricks with it.

IMG_3724In the front, it’s mostly all sweetness. Some lemon comes in quickly, but as it moves to the back of the mouth, the alcohol comes through with a vengeance. The combination of seeming artificial lemon and alcohol really comes off as a cleaning product. In fact, that may be some trick of memory that is causing me to think this has an artificial lemon flavor.

Whatever is going on here, it is not particularly pleasant. There are white wine notes, but I think that is, again, mainly the alcohol. Cheap white wine, malt liquor… it tastes like an easy way to get drunk, but not necessarily have a good time getting there. Or getting over it. I feel like I’m halfway to a hangover right now.
I’ve barely finished half the bottle. This is very reminiscent of college. I’m not sure what part of aging has brought this stuff in this direction, but I don’t plan to repeat the process.

I made two batches of this stuff in consecutive Summers. The first one disappeared quick. The second one moved much more slowly. There aren’t a lot but this is definitely not the last bottle. I’m in no hurry to rip into the others.


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