Week Twenty Six


There has been a lot of bottling in the last week or so.  And quite a bit of other homebrew action, as well.  That, of course means that it is about time for another Batch Update.  It also means that there will be more beers to do tasting notes on in the coming weeks, which means I need to get some of these older beers’ tasting notes done. 

So this week’s theme is “catching up” I guess.  Speaking of which, I’m sure I can fit in a couple old batches as well.  I’m down to about fifteen batches that have yet to be covered.  I’m planning to finish them and get tasting notes for as many of them as I still have before I end the daily posts.  At the current rate that means maybe another six weeks.

Once I’m all caught up, the format of the blog will be changing quite a bit.  I won’t be posting seven days a week anymore (phew).  The brew day posts will likely be split up into a few smaller posts and I will have more time for in depth posts on things other than specific batches.

For now, though, the daily posts continue on the march to number two hundred.  Phew.



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