Old SMaSHy Week

IMG_3262I brewed two batches of beer last week.  Normally, I like to make a brew day post on the same day that I brew.  This time, though, a last minute schedule change at work gave me an unexpected afternoon free last Wednesday and I couldn’t resist moving brew day up by a week.  Now I have more time for bottling and bottle washing this week.

So what did I brew last week?  For the second year in a row, I brewed Old SMaSHy Barley Wine and with the second runnings, Jade Otter.  Both beers’ recipes changed a little, one much more than the other, but both are very much in the same spirit as last year’s versions.

These are the last two beers I brewed last year prior to beginning to plan for this blog and I believe that they are the newest beers that I have not yet covered here.  That will change this week.  I have two beers to write about from last year, two sets of tasting notes for those same beers and two brew days for this year’s versions and that will take up the whole week.  I am looking forward to sharing these beers with you, one of which may be my favorite thing I’ve ever brewed and the other of which was sort of a letdown but showed potential to hopefully be built upon this year.


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