Buddy’s Dirty Mouth Mild Tasting Notes

Original Post: Buddy’s Dirty Mouth Mild
Style: English Mild
Brew Date: November 25, 2012
Tasting Date: August 14, 2014
ABV: 3.8%
IBUs: 20BeerLabelBuddysDirtyMouthMildThis is an unexpected treat. I found a bottle of this beer, which I thought was long gone, in the basement last weekend while looking for other beers to do tasting notes on this week. This is not a beer that was meant to be aged for as long as this has been, but I’m hoping the dark, malty focus will override the very low gravity and that this will still be enjoyable. I have fond memories. Let’s see.

It is a little over carbonated. I was nervous when I heard the pop, but there was no gushing. I did end up with half a glass of foam, but that is a minor issue for a two year old beer. Other than the big, loose, tan foam, the beer looks good. It is dark but light and red highlights are evident. It almost resembles a Dunkel. It is obvious from the look that it is not a heavy beer, despite the color, the consistency looks thin.IMG_3539

In the aroma, there is a bit of oxidation, as expected with the age, but it is blended into the dark malts and not a serious offender. I don’t get any coffee notes, it’s mostly chocolate. Dark but semi-sweet chocolate, it still seems reminiscent of a Dunkel.

The foam has mostly dight down now, but there is still a thin layer protecting the nectar below. The first sip is surprisingly good. There is, again, oxidation, but it actually blends well with the malt and fermentation character. The malts again remind me of a Dunkel lager, but there is a lot of very English ale fermentation character. This is definitely not a super clean German lager, it is filled with fruity esters. Hints of currants and Granny Smith apples come out first. In the aftertaste, there is a spike spice. It is reminiscent of nutmeg.IMG_3541The nutmeg flavor is not strong, but definitely comes out as you swallow. This is over carbonated and feels very prickly on the tongue. I think that prickliness is partly responsible for the spiciness. Some of that may come from the fermentation, but the liveliness in the mouth brings it out much more.

I was afraid I was setting myself up for disappointment with my excitement to drink this beer, but it has turned out to be an enjoyable surprise. The beer is gone and in the session beer spirit that I made it in, I wish I had another.


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