Tasting Notes Week


I am back from camping in Delaware for the weekend and ready to start a new week of tasting notes. I had a great time not only at the obvious Delaware destinations of Dogfish Head’s two locations, but also at a small brewpub in Newark called Argilla’s Brewing Company at Pietro’s Pizza along with a range of Delaware’s other breweries offerings in cans, bottles on draft.

I was also able to get ahold of some beer that many of you take for granted but has been elusive for me. When will New Belgium finally distribute in Pennsylvania? I greatly enjoyed their Blue Paddle Pilsner and Snapshot sour wheat along with several other of their beers that I got to try for the first time.

After a long weekend of several flights and a couple mixed twelve packs, though, now it’s time to get back to homebrew. Yes, I’m doing another tasting notes week. This time, it will be a mix of some of my latest creations as well as some vintage beers. I’ll begin tomorrow with bCloud, my collaborative Hefeweizen-ish beer fermented with Chimay yeast and conceived of with help from my buddy Kory. For the rest of the week, you’ll have to wait and see because even I’m not sure which beers will make it on the schedule. I have more than enough beers to fill the six slots on the blog this week and I haven’t pre-written any of them, so it will depend mainly on what I feel like drinking from day to day. That sound fun, right?


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