Batch and Hop Yard Update

There have been a lot of theme weeks lately, it seems, so I haven’t done one of these in a while. The first couple updates are a bit out of date, but I want to try to keep this complete. After covering all the beers, I have a quick update on the hop garden. Here we go.20140731-082433-30273969.jpgBatch088 – 2014 PROOF

Last time I updated on PROOF, I had just racked it into a six gallon carboy and added champagne yeast. The yeast didn’t seem to do much of anything. I’m considering picking up some Super High Gravity yeast and doing a starter to see if I can get it dry out any more. For the time being, though, I racked it into a five gallon carboy to reduce the head space while it lays dormant, waiting to be unleashed on anyone dumb enough to try it.

Speaking of which, I took a tiny sample when racking it and got Kory and Amy to try about a thimble full each. Kory said it reminded him of Jägermeister, which I didn’t think of as I haven’t had that stuff in years, but I think it’s pretty accurate. Amy just scrunched her face up and made a sort of high pitched buzzing sound.

Batch089 – Evidence Belgian IPA
If you don’t remember, this was made with the second runnings from PROOF, a whole lot of Columbus hops and Saison yeast, then dry hopped with more Columbus hops as well as some Nelson Sauvin. I bottled it at the end of June. I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and I’ll be posting tasting notes soon.

Batch090 – bCloud
This is the beer I was previously calling Trap Weiss. I brewed it with my buddy Kory and I gave him the honor of naming it. Since it is a very cloudy hefeweizen, he decided on bCloud. We bottled the beer together on July 18. I am planning to finish up the labels this week and give Kory his portion. I will do my normal tasting notes and I’m going to try to get tasting notes from Kory, too. I’m not sure if those will be different posts or not, I’ll have to see how much I can get out of him.20140731-082434-30274421.jpgBatch091 – Tripple Valor

My Tripel went a bit crazy during primary fermentation. It is going through secondary fermentation in the basement. I racked it a week after brew day and was surprised to see that the gravity was all the way down to about 1.006. The sample tasted a bit rough. It is going to be aging for a while, I’m hoping it comes together and have no reason to think it won’t, but I’m considering adding some coriander. I will sample it again soon and see where it is at.20140731-082433-30273201.jpgBatch092 – Berlin(er Weisse) Batch 3

I decided that I wanted a lot more of the cherry version, which I’ll cover below, so I’m conducting an experiment with the small amount that was left for this portion of the batch. I normally pasteurize this beer and then add ale yeast. This time, I didn’t. I have about a gallon of this stuff, which the lactobacillus still working and I added some ale yeast as well. I have a feeling this is going to turn out too sour to drink, but I’m anxious to be proven wrong. I’m going to give this some time. I don’t know how long, but I’m in no hurry, I have enough other batches going on to play with.20140731-082433-30273670.jpgBatch093 – Sour Cherry Sour

As I mentioned above, I’ve been getting increasingly excited for this beer, so I decided to make more of it. After pasteurizing it to kill the lactobacillus, I racked it on top of three quarts of tart cherry juice and two quarts of sweet dark cherry juice, then added a pound each of semi-sour pie cherries and sour cherries. I had planned to add more whole cherries and less juice, but I was unable to secure any more. I got the sour cherries from Amy’s parents and they’ve been in the freezer for a long time. Semi-sour cherries I found at a farmer’s market, but they were in limited supply, as well. The juice I used is organic, all natural cherry juice with no preservatives and I think it will work out very well. I’m hoping to rack it off the cherries and maybe add some clearing agent, depending on how it looks, so I can bottle it in a couple weeks.

Batch070 – Wyld Cyser
Yes, this stuff is still kicking around in a carboy in the basement. It was there all Winter and really should be bottled. I’m planning to actually do that soon. Really. I still don’t have the number wine bottles I was hoping for, but I should be able to get enough in the ones that I do have to not have to bottle too much of it in beer bottles. I’m hoping to bottle this before the end of August and it doesn’t need to carbonate or anything, so as soon as I do, I will have tasting notes.20140731-082432-30272791.jpgHop Yard Update

The twine continues to be a problem. The top pieces keep ripping and dropping my precious bines onto the ground. I definitely need to get some trellises for next year. On the bright side, though, there are a ton of cones on the Centennial plant and more coming on all the others. Look at those beautiful Centennial hops, though.

Woo. That was a lot. A lot of these are already bottled and more will be soon, though, so there will be new brew days to come in the next few weeks including an IPA to hopefully make up for my slightly disappointing Single Hop batches and the second annual batch of my Old SMaSHy barley wine.


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