Maggie’s Beautiful Blonde


This beer may not quite fit the style guidelines for a traditional Blonde Ale, but how could I pass on that name? Maggie was a wonderful pug who had sort of a rough life, getting moved around to a couple different families before finally landing with my sister a few years ago. She had few great years of being loved by my niece and nephew, though and even before that, nothing could seem to keep her down. She was always happy, although never quite satisfied with her food rations.

Anyway, on to the beer. My original idea was a straight up blonde ale, but then I decided to beef it up a bit. I added some Munich Malt which gave it a nice malt profile and some body, but also knocked it a few shades darker than a normal blonde ale.

IMG_20121211_180757I decided to use Saaz hops because I wanted to give it some late hop character but I didn’t want it to be abrasive at all or to showcase any of citrus or pine aromas associated with American hops. Spicy, earthy Saaz hops always seem like a good go to and Noble Hops seemed appropriate to accompany the Munich Malt.

IMG_20121223_001235This beer turned out great. It could be considered a quaffer but it had a lot more flavor and body than your average lawnmower beer. The Munich Malt, while knocking it out of style, was a great choice to make this ale stand out with some body despite its dry finish. The ounce of Saaz hops at flameout gave it some nice aroma without overpowering the malt or taking it into Pale Ale territory. This was a nice German inspired twist on an American beer.

BeerLabelMaggiesBeautifulBlondeStyle: Blonde(ish) Ale
Brew Date: November 18, 2012
Serve Date: Christmas 2012
Original Gravity: 1.052
Final Gravity: 1.01
ABV: 5.5%
IBUs: 25

1 lb Munich Malt
7 lb LME

.5 oz Saaz @ 60 min
.5 oz Saaz @ 30 min
1 oz Saaz @ Flameout

Nottingham Dry Ale Yeast


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