Black and Orange


If you haven’t noticed already, yes, I went a bit overboard on the pumpkin beer in 2011. This third beer from that Fall was not actually a fully separate batch, but a blend of two other batches. I mentioned yesterday that I fit four gallons of Plumpkinstein into a hollowed out pumpkin. The other gallon was blended with a gallon of Buddy’s Stinky Dog Coffee Stout to create Black and Orange.

Coffee stout and pumpkin ale seemed like a natural combination to me. Pumpkin spiced coffee is always popular around the same time that pumpkin ale is, so this was the next logical step. I had carbonation issues with this beer, but the flavor was very nice.

I have thought about revisiting the idea multiple times, a premixed pumpkin spiced coffee stout was actually on my brew schedule for this year for a while before I decided to try a few Abbey beers instead and knocked a bunch of other stuff off my list.

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more beers with this idea. I know there are several pumpkin stouts but I think the coffee element is crucial. I’m sure there are some out there, but I haven’t tried them.BeerLabelBlackAndOrangeIf you really want a recipe for this, you can look at the two separate posts for the beers that were blended, but I’d recommend just adding pumpkin spices to a coffee stout recipe instead. I would go light on the roasted malts and heavy on the coffee, allowing most of the roast to come from that. Maybe include some Crystal Malt to give some sweetness and body. This is definitely an idea worth experimenting with.


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