Amy and Mitch’s First Anniversary Mead

I already covered our Second Anniversary Mead and explained why we have started the tradition. To recap, though, there is an old tradition of taking a month and drinking mead after your wedding. This is, possibly the origin of the term honeymoon. Amy and I (okay, mostly me) decided to make a batch on our anniversary every year and keep some around from each batch in case of ever having occasion to take a honeymoon.IMG_20121228_125419

For our first batch, we kept it simple. Orange blossom honey, water and champagne yeast along with some yeast nutrient. We used twelve pounds of honey from Dutch Gold, a local honey distributor. They have a small factory store at their headquarters. I have bought most of the honey I’ve used for mead, including our Second Anniversary and my Wyld Cyser there.

We heated some water and dissolved the honey in it, then added it with the rest of the water and yeast to a bucket. It fermented in the bucket for a couple weeks and then I racked it to a carboy, moved it to the corner of the basement and forgot about it until our second anniversary. We bottled it and drank some, one year after first mixing the ingredients.

IMG_0120It turned out pretty well. It is very dry and tastes like a white wine without much honey character. I will do some tasting notes soon, although I don’t think I’m very qualified to wine or mead tasting notes.20140719-134252-49372889.jpg


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