CVP (Cherry Vanilla Porter)


After brewing Very Neat Cherry Wheat and Moktoberfest, I still had some cherries from Amy’s parents and some Tettnang hops Victory. It was getting into the colder months, so a darker beer was in order. All of these things came together, with some vanilla beans thrown in for good measure, to create CVP.

Vanilla porters and stouts have always been something that I’ve enjoyed. I know there are cherry stouts out there, but I can’t remember ever having one, but I thought the sour cherries would blend in well. They have a good mix of sweet and tart that I thought would bring some complexity without throwing off the balance.

The bitterness is relatively restrained, compared to some “West Coast” American dark ales, but I did load up quite a bit of of hops at the end of the boil. This was the last of the whole flower Tettnang hops I got from the contest at Victory, so I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be lost. An ounce and a half of hops at flameout is quite a bit, but they are more subtle, earthy hops as opposed to some newer, bolder varieties.IMG_20121030_205728

I was very excited about this beer, but also a bit nervous about the recipe. I didn’t have as many cherries left as I may have used otherwise, I had never used vanilla beans before and got wildly varying advice online and the late hops were different from what I normally would have done. This ended up being one of my favorites, though.

The vanilla was very strong at first, but it blended well after a month or so in the bottle. The cherries were definitely there, but didn’t dominate. The hops were subtle and may have been undetectable at a lower hopping rate.

This beer was also quite pretty. It seemed black upon first glance, but in the light, some red showed through. The best part, though was the head, which had a nice red tint from the cherries. It smelled first of vanilla but had some earthy hops and tart cherries as well. The dark malt character came through and blended well with the vanilla. This was a porter, even if it was all dressed up. My recipe is below.BeerLabelCVP

CVP (Cherry Vanilla Porter)
Style: American Porter
Brew Date: September 9, 2012
Serve Date: October, 2012
Original Gravity: 1.078
Expected Final Gravity: 1.023
Approximate ABV: 7.2%
IBUs: 31

.5 lb Chocolate Malt
.5 lb Crystal Malt 10L
.5 lb Munich Malt
7 lb LME
3 lb DME

1 oz Willamette @ 60 min
1 oz Tettnang @ 60 min
.5 oz Tettnang @ 30 min
.5 oz Tettnang @ 0 min
1 oz Willamette @ 0 min

6 cups frozen sour cherries @ end of boil
2 vanilla beans in secondary fermentation

Windsor English Ale Dry Yeast


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