Wow. I have posted every day for over nineteen weeks. I didn’t think I’d make it that long, honestly. My original plan for this blog was to post five days a week for one hundred posts. Had I followed that plan, I would be hitting my goal this week. Instead, I’m going to hit 140 post this week.

After I decided to post seven days a week, I also decided that I’d try to keep it up until I had covered all of my old batches of beer. That is still the plan now, but I didn’t plan on that taking so long. I’ve added a lot more posts on other topics than I planned on, though. The tasting notes are the biggest addition, but there have been a lot of posts that haven’t been about specific batches, and there will be more. Just not this week.

For the next six days, I’m going to write the blog as originally intended it to be. I’m planning to brew a new batch this week and I will, of course, write about that, but the rest of the week, I’ll be covering old batches.

I’ll be writing about beer from the latter part of 2012 and may even get into 2013. I have skipped some older pumpkin beers and ciders that I’m saving to post about in the appropriate season, but I am inching closer to being caught up. Once I do finally catch up, I plan to end my daily posts, but I definitely won’t stop posting. Instead, I will do less frequent but more detailed posts on specific topics in addition to continuing with my normal brew day and tasting notes posts. That still at least a couple months away, though… For now, stay tuned to see what my original vision for this blog was.


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