Summer Week

20140702-162746-59266542.jpgWith Independence Day weekend behind us, we are now well into the full swing of Summer. So this is Summer Week on the blog. It may seem a bit late for this on homebrew blog, as you normally have to plan a season ahead for the beers you want to actually drink during the heat waves of July, but I’ve already done that. There will not be any recipes for Summer beers this week, other than an update on the Hefeweizen I brewed last week.

This week is all about enjoying Summer. After the Hefeweizen update, I’ll write about a way to transform your already brewed beer into a Summer treat. Mass produced Shandy and Radler are all the rage lately so I’ll give you my take. I also have tasting notes for a very old Summer beer. I brewed Summer Swill a couple Summers ago and now there is only one bottle left…

Yuengling is a local favorite all year, but for me, particularly in the Summer. It inspired my Elklan Amber Lager and I’ll finally post tasting notes on that beer and compare it to its inspiration. I’ll also update on my hop garden. To round out the week, I will go back to the idea I mentioned that homebrewers have to plan ahead and update on PROOF. This is definitely not a Summer beer, but to have it ready for the Winter, it’s already been in the works since the Spring.

Pull out a mason jar, fill it with a nice, light session beer and don’t forget your sunscreen.


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