Old Man Week

My Dad turned sixty on Friday. This is the third year that I have taken his birthday as an excuse to brew a batch of beer. In 2012, I started this tradition by giving him Bitter Old Man, a Double IPA. I followed up with a very hot chili pepper beer, Spicy Old Man. This year… well, he’s coming over for dinner tomorrow. I doubt he’s reading this, but just in case, I’ll have to wait until after to let you know what I made him this year.

I will say that I already covered the brew day, I just didn’t give a name for the beer. So I will have tasting notes for that beer along with post covering the other two beers and their own tasting notes. For the last post, I’ll share my recipe for BBQ sauce using Spicy Old Man as an ingredient.

My Dad’s is not the only big birthday this week, though. My eldest niece, Sydney, turns twenty one tomorrow. I don’t think that I need to tell you that I made a beer for her. Which beer? It is the so-called Roggenbier. Sydney is very into German culture, so I had to do an obscure German style for her. She is also twenty one, though, so I decided it would be a good idea to make it a bit lighter in color and scale down the alcohol. All my mentions of Roggenbier were really about Sydney Rae Session Rye. The label is below and I’ll have tasting notes next week.


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