Berlin(er Weisse) #1&2 Tasting Notes

Another Dual beer tasting notes post. Last time, I covered my N.E. Helles Lagers, which were from the same brew day but fermented with different yeasts. This time, I have my two batches of Berlin(er Weisse) which are from two different brew days with almost identical recipes. I will follow a similar format, going back and forth between the two. This time, the first batch will be labeled “1” and the second “2.” Here we go.20140620-135604-50164935.jpg

Original Post: Berlin(er Weisse)
Style: 17A. Berliner Weisse
Brew Date: January 22, 2014
Tasting Date: June 20, 2014
ABV: 4%

Original Post: Berlin(er Weisse) #2 Brew Day
Style: 17A. Berliner Weisse
Brew Date: April 27, 2014
Tasting Date: June 20, 2014
ABV: 3.5%

1&2: Both are nicely carbonated, very clear and bright yellow. One has been around a bit longer and I remember it being very cloudy early on while two cleared much quicker, I think. The had lasted slightly longer on one.
1: Smells faintly sweet with some grain notes. First sip seems sweets but dries out quick and gets sour in the back of my mouth. Very tart. Reminiscent of Sweet Tart candy.

2: Smells much more sour and delivers in the first sip. Sour is the first thing I notice. No sweetness, even more tart with some acetic, vinegary notes.

1: Tastes tame after having number two. Definitely has more malt flavor, though that isn’t saying much. There is none of the vinegar notes, just straight tartness. More tart than sour, even, although it is definitely sour.

2: The vinegar note would probably turn some people off, but it is definitely not as strong as I’ve tasted in other beers. I actually didn’t like it at first and thought this batch was inferior, but as time goes on and I drink more, I like it. This beer will definitely make you pucker.

1: I loved this beer fresh. I don’t think it has aged terribly well, which is to be expected, but I also think that side by side with the second batch, which is much more bitter, it just doesn’t stand up. Side by side tasting may have been a better idea for two nice, clean lagers than for two sour Berliner Weisses.

2: I like this more and more. It feels like drinking lemonade on a hot day. This is a bit lower alcohol than the first batch and finished much drier thanks to a saison yeast. I don’t get any saison notes, but the extra dryness is great. This is definitely a thirst quencher.

1: The bready malt notes make this taste more like a standard beer but the extra dryness in number two makes it much more refreshing.

2: There is not much more to say but I am surprised by these results. I loved the first Berlin(er Weisse) and was initially disappointed by the acetic in the second, but in this tasting, I definitely prefer the second. I’m down to a couple sips of each now, so I guess there is only one thing to do…


3: Yes, I mixed them. I’m surprised to say that I think I taste more of number one in this. Number two was so much more distinct. I thought the extra sourness would take over in the mix, but it blended right in. This may be slightly more sour than one alone, but overall it tastes more like that beer, I think.

There we have it. I like the second one better, but I do want to reiterate that I think the first batch has diminished with age and was better fresh back in March. I only have a few bottles of it left, I guess I better drink them and then finish the rest of the second batch quickly as well.


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