Macto Lango (Mango Berliner Weisse) Tasting Notes

Original Post: Berlin(er Weisse) #2 Brew Day
Style: Fruited Berliner Weisse
Brew Date: April 27, 2014
Tasting Date: June 17, 2014
ABV: 6.5%


What an odd looking beer. The color is just a little off from a standard yellow/orange ale, something like a Tripel, but it seems almost neon. It is light and bright and yellow but just a little off looking. It does resemble the meat of a mango, though most probably associate the more red/orange color of the skins of mangoes.

The aroma is awesome. The lactic fermentation is obvious first, but there is some indistinct fruitiness. It is sour and fruity, almost like some overripe mangoes that are on the verge of being bad, but haven’t quite crossed the line.

In the first sip, the actual mango finally becomes apparent. It is pretty sour, but the mango comes out first. After swallowing, it gets more sour and stick around for quite a while. It is sour in the aftertaste, but the mango is still obvious. Mangoes are tart and that blends with the lactic acid created during fermentation.


This is way too strong for a Berliner Weisse and way drier than a normal fruit beer but it really does deliver on a blend of what you’d expect from those two things. There is no malt character and there aren’t even any hops in the recipe. It is all tart, sour and fruit.

I guess it does lean more toward the Berliner Weisse than what most people think of as a fruit beer because it is intensely sour and dry. More of a general American Wild Ale than Berliner Weisse, actually, although it’s all lacto and no brett. It is delicious but a lot of people probably would not even guess that it was beer.

I guess legally, without hops, it technically isn’t, but this is homebrew. And in the homebrew world, this is a delicious and refreshing beer, no question about it.

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