Amy Ni-Kölsch (2014) Tasting Notes

Original Post: Amy Ni-Kölsch 2014 Brew Day
Style: 6C. Kölsch
Brew Date: January 14, 2014
Tasting Date: June 18, 2014
ABV: 4.8%


This is a pretty beer. Perfectly clear with a nice, light yellow color and lots of bright, white, long lasting foam. It smells faintly of German Pilsner malt. Everything seems great.

When it hits my lips, it still seems great. I get some malty sweetness backed up by noticeable, but not intrusive, hop bitterness. As I swallow, though, a problem arises. I get a hit of soapiness. Then some grassiness, but not in the familiar hoppy way. Just unpleasant grass. Is this oxidized? I need to get some training to figure out what this is and how to fix it. It is the same issue I have with my Green Eye Rye Pale Ale, although it is much worse in that beer.

This is the third batch I’ve made of this beer. The first two were partial mash and I loved them so I was very excited to step into all grain with this brew. While this isn’t a terrible beer, it is definitely not as good as the other batches.20140618-154932-56972395.jpg

It starts out so lovely, then turns very quickly. It begs another sip, but not in the good way. I want to keep drinking it, hoping to wash that soap out of my mouth. Either way, though… I keep drinking it.

This may be short, but my glass is just about empty and I don’t have much else to say, anyway. I just plead with any of my fellow homebrewers who may have gotten similar results or who are just familiar with the issue to let me know what the cause is and help me figure out how to fix it. Amy Ni-Kölsch deserves better.


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