Victory’s Wet Hopped Homebrewing Contest

In July 2012, Victory Brewing held a contest for homebrewers. It was an essay contest where they posted several questions about your homebrewing experience and then picked their favorite answers. The winners got to go pick hops with some Victory employees and keep the hops of their labors.

Runners up could come pick up some of Victory’s own hops along with a glass. You could pick between Tettnang or Cascade hops. I was in this category. Since I was planning to brew Mocktoberfest, I decided to go with Tettnang. I used most of them for that brew and then finished them off on Cherry Vanilla Porter, which I’ll be writing about soon.

Everyone got four ounces of whole flower hops. If you’re not familiar with Victory, they use only whole flower hops. I know Sierra Nevada also does this and I know they both swear by them, but I don’t know how much actual difference it makes. I like to use whole flower hops for dry hopping because they make less of a mess, but otherwise I normally go for pellets.

This was a great contest. I enjoyed writing my answers, I had fun brewing with my hops, I still use my Willi Becher glass and best of all, it gave me an excuse to drag Amy back to Victory for dinner and some delicious beer. I was hoping they’d repeat the contest last Summer, but they didn’t. Maybe this year?


One thought on “Victory’s Wet Hopped Homebrewing Contest

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