Batch Update

Another round of bottling. Here we go:

Batch 083: Green Eye Rye Pale Ale
I finally bottled this on Tuesday, May 27. It is not good. I need to figure out what caused this. When racking it to secondary, it tasted very soapy and I thought it was an issue with the fermenter. After more aging, it tasted less soapy and more oxidized, flat, grassy… I’m not sure what happened. It is some sort of fermentation problem, but I don’t know the cause. Wort PH? Long lag time? Anyone have ideas or advice?

Batch 085: Session Roggenbier
I bottled this on the same day, May 27. It’s final gravity was 1.011, putting it at about 3.1% ABV. It smells and tastes great, looking forward to drinking it carbonated. It should be about ready, but with being on vacation, I haven’t had a chance to dip into it yet.

Batch 086: Single Hop IPA #3: Saaz
I dry hopped this on May 28, then bottled it on June 3. Its final gravity was 1.009, right around what I was planning on, but with the much higher than planned OG, that puts it at 8.8% ABV. I hopped for an IPA and ended up with an under hopped Double IPA. I’m not sure how this will be. For better or worse, it should be ready to drink around the weekend.

Batch 087: Single Hop IPA #4: Galaxy
I dry hopped this on June 3 and plan to bottle it tomorrow, June 10. This leaves the hops in contact for a couple days longer than planned, but with vacation in the middle… well, that’s homebrewing. And yes, this was brewed the same day as the Saaz batch but it’s waiting another week for bottling. Again, life is in the way. This should be just slightly lower ABV than the #3 and I think the Galaxy hops will come through stronger than the Saaz, so I’m still not entirely confident, but I’m more hopeful about this batch.

Batch 089: Evidence
I racked this batch and dry hopped with the first ounce of Columbus on June 3. I took a sample and the resinous, piny Columbus hop flavor was already extreme. My original plan was to give it another round of Columbus dry hops, but I think it needs something different. Some fruity hops to help the fruity yeast overcome all that Columbus. I dry hopped it tonight, June 9, with an ounce of Nelson Sauvin hops. I’m going to give that five or so days and take another sample. I may decide to bottle then or I may need to add some more hops. I’m thinking another of the current popular IPA hops, Mosaic, Citra or maybe Centennial would be a welcome addition.

Batch 088: 2014 PROOF
This beer has been too much work, too much fun and too much everything to cover here. I’ll give it it’s own post tomorrow.


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