Buddy’s Stinky Dog Stout Tasting Notes

Now for something completely different… This was written a few months ago, just before I started this blog. I found a bottle of Stinky Dog Stout and I was already planning to start a homebrew blog. I figured it would be good practice to write tasting notes for the beer as I drank it. I actually stuck pretty close to my not yet established rules for tasting notes posts, except I was a bit less thorough (read: wordy) than I’ve become since. Anyway, the tasting notes I wrote then are presented below, unedited.

I believe this is the last bottle of Batch 006 – Buddy’s Stinky Dog Stout in existence. It has held up reasonably well. The coffee definitely shows it’s age, this is far from fresh, but considering it’s age and gravity, it is not bad. There is a slightly cheesey/cardboardy flavor that seems to stem from the coffee, but it still has a nice roast character, whether that is from the malt or the coffee, I’m not sure. I remember that I used more bittering hops than the recipe called for, although unintended, that has probably helped this age slightly better. There is still a bit of bitterness in the backbone of this beer, though there is no actual hop flavor or aroma evident. I immediately remembered what this beer once was when I took a sip of this bottle and while it is not nearly as good as it was, it brought back very fond memories and kept from tarnishing them too badly.


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