Vintage Beer Tasting Notes Week

20140531-144315-52995115.jpgHere are the facts: I’m going on vacation this week. I don’t want to miss a day on this blog. I’ve prewritten a bunch of posts.

To make that work, I decided weeks ago on a theme for the week that I could immediately start working on. For the next six days, I’ll be posting tasting notes for really old beers. I’m skipping over my first batch, which I’ll post tasting notes for on the anniversary of its brew date in a couple weeks and some pumpkin beers and ciders that I haven’t posted about yet, but otherwise, these are the oldest homebrews that I still have.

I’ve scoured the basement and found bottles of some of my earliest batches. Over the last couple weeks I’ve consumed one of each of these beers and taken notes along the way. Some of these beers were meant to be aged, most were not. They range from just under three years old to about two and a half years old. They range from good to… interesting. As fill-in-vacation-weeks go, I think this will be pretty amusing.

The first post, tomorrow, was written before I even started this blog. The rest have been written in the last week and a half or so. I’m not actually leaving until Wednesday and I still have some to finish. I’ll be following my already established tasting notes rules. I actually have a lot more old stuff that won’t fit in this week. I’ll be going on vacation again around Independence Day and may do a second installment then. For now, buckle in and get ready for some homebrew flashbacks.

And in case you’re curious, I just checked and PROOF has just crossed 15% ABV. It is slowing down, but still moving strong. I have another two pounds or so of sugar to add.


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