Single Hop IPA #4: Galaxy Brew Day


I already covered the mash and sparge of this brew in my post about my Saaz IPA. The original gravity on this batch 1.072. Slightly lower than the Saaz portion, but still much higher than expected. This put my efficiency around 85% which is by far the highest I’ve gotten. It definitely looks like I’ll be sticking with batch sparging.

The real difference, I think, is just that I stirred the mash a lot more. Before draining it and then after refilling with all the sparge water, I gave the grains a good stir beyond what I normally do. I’ve already determined that I’ve always been getting conversion so I think the main problem with my poor efficiency was just that all the sugar was still stuck to the grains. The simple solution is sometimes the right one. Just stir more to wash the sugar off the grain.

There isn’t much to add about the brew day that I haven’t covered earlier this week, all that’s left now is to talk about Galaxy hops. I have used them once before, adding an ounce to an IPA I made last Summer. That beer had a mix of all kinds of American and Australian hops and the Galaxy was not prominent. I planned to use more originally, but could only find one ounce at the local homebrew shop.

Most of my experience with this hop comes from Tröegs’ Scratch 122. The Scratch series is their experimental small batch program. Number 122 was all Galaxy hopped IPA and I loved it. I got a lot of pineapple flavor from the hops. The classic American hop grapefruit character was also present, but the pineapple really made it’s mark on me. Online, passionfruit is the main flavor people bring up. I’m not actually very familiar with passionfruit, so I’m not sure about that.

I know there are a lot of commercial beers out lately with a lot of these hops, but I haven’t been able to try many of them yet. Hopefully this will be a good showcase and hopefully my memory of pineapple hop goodness is not inaccurate. This stuff, along with the Saaz version, is fermenting happily. It should calm down soon and I plan to rack it to secondary early next week as I have a plan for the yeast cake…


Single Hop IPA #4: Galaxy
Style: 14B. American IPA
Brew Date: 5/20/2014
Serve Date: 6/24/2014
Expected OG: 1.072
Expected FG: 1.012
Approximate ABV: 7.9
IBUs: 70

Fermentables (Single Mash For Two 4 Gallon Batches):
91% 20 lb Pale Malt
4.5% 1 lb Light Munich Malt
4.5% 1 lb Crystal 10L Malt

Hops (all Galaxy):
.55 oz FWH
1 oz @ 10 min
1 oz @ 5 min
2 oz @ Flameout
1 oz Steep when wort reaches 120º
1 oz Dry Hop for last five days of secondary fermentation

Nottingham Dry Ale Yeast


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