Cap Labels

It you’re bottling all of your homebrew, it’s very important to be able to tell it what’s what. Full labels are fun for special events and occasional batches, but unless you have a much better system than I do, they’re not practical all the time. I used to write two or three letter codes in marker on the caps of all of my beer, but that can get confusing with twenty plus batches laying around. Plus the marker can fade over time and it’s just pain to write all that.

The best solution I’ve found are these .75 inch round stickers from Avery. Whether you just want to type out the name of your beer in the Word template on Avery’s website or make your own and design something more elaborate, they work perfectly on beer bottle caps.


They come in a standard four by six inch size that will work in any photo printer and probably most other desktop printers, as well. The stickers are cheap and can be found at any office supply store or online in a ton of different colors. Search “Avery 5408” on Amazonto find them.

Twenty four stickers on a sheet, twenty four beers in a case. Coincidence?


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