Batch Update


Yes, it is time for another quick batch update. Tomorrow is brew day so I’m sure I’ll make up for how short this post is. Anyway…


Batch080 – Elkland Golden Lager
I entered this beer into the Mount Hope Brewfest homebrew competition. It took second place in the Light Lager category, right behind a Helles that got second place in the overall best of show results. This is my first win in a competition and I’m way too amused by the fact that I got it for a light lager brewed with rice. I haven’t received my score sheet yet, but I’ll post it along with my tasting notes for this beer in a couple weeks.

Batch082 – Elkland Amber Lager
I’m being way too impatient with this one, as I predicted. The Golden Lager is ready to drink, I want to drink the Amber, too. I’ve had two of these, almost completely devoid of carbonation. The flavor is good but it seems a little thin, which is understandable with how much water was added after primary fermentation, I still hope the eventual carbonation will help, though. Tomorrow will be one week since bottling.

Batch083 – Green Eye Rye PA
I’ve all but given up on this one. Samples taste soapy. Poorly cleaned carboy? I don’t know, but I had a similar, though less drastic issue with this year’s Kölsch. This makes me think that I really should name all of my carboys and keep better track and what beer was fermented in what vessel so I can track down the cause of these sorts of issues. I am working on that and doing some serious cleaning of all of those carboys in the meantime. This is still sitting in secondary. It is ready to bottle but I’m not particularly eager to do it and I have too much else to do to worry about it.


Batch084 (A and B) – Berlin(er Weisse) and Macto Lango
Yes, I split the Berliner Weisse. It was all but eight gallons, then I took out two and half gallons to keep pure. To the rest, I added six liters of Mango Nectar, from Costco. This stuff is loaded with sugar and kicked fermentation back into high gear. The French Saison yeast added in secondary had taken this beer down to 1.002(!) and then the juice took it back to 1.02ish. Some of you may be cringing at the idea of adding mango nectar instead of real fruit, but I’ll be honest, I was in a hurry and I’ve been crushed responsibilities lately. I just had to get this done and have it ready in time for Memorial Day weekend. The beer may suffer, but I think it will still be enjoyable. Anyway, I bottled both versions tonight, May 12. We’ll see how they turn out. The gravity was back to 1.002 when I bottled.



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