Dawn of the Red Tasting Notes

This is a hoppy beer and it has been in the bottle since January, close to four months, so it is past it’s prime. The Mosaic hops that dominated the nose early on are fading, but still detectable. The first sip is initially just bitter. Those hop flavors are missed. There used to be a lot of tropical fruit, but it is mostly gone. I’m glad this is one of only three or four bottles left.

Initially, I was disappointed by the thinness of the malt flavor in this beer. The hops completely overwhelmed the malts. Luckily, Mosaic and Centennial hops can carry a beer all on their own. Adding the extra hop water really seemed to thin this out more than I liked, though. Now, with the hops fading, after the initial bitterness, I am getting some of that Special Roast character, one of the things I missed initially.

Okay, as I drink this, I’m coming around. It seems way too bitter right now, but there is a hint of sweetness there and then afterwards, the roast comes out. If I could have gotten all of these things in balance, this could have been a great beer.

Like this year’s batch of Mount Hoodie, I believe this is a great idea with poor execution. A sip of this now initially hits like an older style IPA. A lot of bitterness, with some grapefruit notes (which were not there fresh, it was all tropical and stone fruit), then as it works back down your throat, the roast comes out. This is not a bad formula, but it’s very rough around the edges. It needs some work and I plan to put that work in before trying again.

There is some chlorine aftertaste, how did this not bother me pre-water filter? You can’t go back, I guess. I never noticed chlorine before getting my charcoal filter, but always got knocked by judges for it, now after only five or so batches with the filter, every older beer I drink seems ruined.

Well, I’m down to a couple sips left and, wow… this has been all over the place. Oh well, hopefully you can make sense of it. I’m working through ideas of how to make a better version of this beer someday. For now though, this one is enjoyable but awkward. I think it was a good first step.


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