Batch Update

It seems like I just did one of these, but a lot has happened this week. Wyld Cyser and Amy and Mitch’s Second Anniversary Mead haven’t moved, but everything else from the last update requires more updating.


Batch080 – Elkland Golden Lager
This was just begging to be bottled. It could have waited, but I’m planning a weekend trip to the cabin with Amy in a couple weeks and it was too tempting to get it ready to bring along. I bottled on Tuesday night, April 29, about forty days after brewing it. With an OG of 1.059, an FG of 1.008 and two gallons of water added, I believe this is 5.3% ABV, but I may need to double check my math on that. Samples tasted good, but this style really relies a lot on carbonation, so hopefully that comes in quick to bring the beer home.


Batch077 – Old Ale
I was planning to wait a few more weeks to bottle this, but after finishing the Golden Lager, with all my bottling stuff out, I decided to go ahead and get it done. I even washed some bottles to make it happen. I plan to continue aging a good portion of this batch in the bottle, so I wanted them to all be in nice twelve ounce long necks, since I’m working on slowly phasing the other stuff out. With all the other bottling going on in the coming weeks, most of which is for prompt consumption, I also wanted to make sure I had the appropriate bottles available. The gravity ended up at 1.013, giving the beer a strength of 8% ABV and the gravity sample tasted great. This was brewed on January 26, so it may not be quite as old as traditional English Old Ales, but with all American ingredients, it was never traditional to begin with and I believe aging in the bottle will be just fine.


Batch082 – Elkland Amber Lager
Okay, so I haven’t actually done anything to this beer, but I’m planning to bottle it next Tuesday. With it’s Golden brother already bottled, I’m sure I’ll be anxious to try them back to back as soon as I can.


Batch083 – Green Eye Rye PA
I racked this beer off of the yeast after all that bottling on Tuesday. A hydrometer reading showed that it had dried out as expected, to about 1.01. That is good. The sample gave me some reason to worry, though. It is not enough to really get into tasting notes, but this did not taste at all like I was hoping. It still has a couple weeks before bottling, hopefully the yeast that is left in there will keep cleaning up. Fingers crossed, but I’m a little worried about this one.


Batch084 – Berliner Weisse
On Wednesday, April 30, after tasting it three days in a row, I decided that this was sour enough. I boiled it to kill the Lactobacillus, chilled it and then racked it all into my eight gallon bucket with a smack pack of Wyeast 3711 – French Saison. I will be splitting off a couple gallons into a carboy to remain pure and adding mango to the rest next week.


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