Imperial Stout (Midwest Kit)


This batch was brewed from this kit with the addition of some oats in the steeping grains.

The instructions for this kit recommend leaving the beer in secondary fermentation for about a year. I gave it five or so months and was still impressed by my own patience. I honestly don’t think it would be too beneficial to bulk age it beyond that, anyway. It will keep aging in the bottle and that way you can enjoy it along the way and see what age you like it at.


This beer was very tasty. I know I have at least one (I think only one) bottle of it left. I tried to keep more, but… well, you know how that goes. I was disappointed when I bottled it that I got less beer than normal. There was a ton of yeast left behind both times I racked this beer, from primary to secondary fermentation and then into the bottling bucket. I ended up with barely over a case and a half of finished beer.


But it was all delicious. The recipe is below.


Imperial Stout (Midwest Kit)
Style: Imperial Stout
Brew Date: October 2011
Serve Date: March 2012

8 oz Chocolate Malt
4 oz Crystal 120L
8 oz Roasted Barley
8 oz Flaked Oats
6 lb Dark LME
6 lb Amber LME

3 oz. Glacier @ 60 min
1 oz. Willamette @ 2 min

S-04 English Dry Yeast (primary)
Champagne Yeast (added at the start of secondary fermentation)


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