Batch Update

20140423-214802.jpgBatch070 – Wyld Cyser
I haven’t actually done anything with this batch directly, but I bought the honey that I plan to use to back sweeten it. It is more Wildflower Honey from the same provider that was used for fermentation. If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m mainly waiting for wine bottles to get this out of the carboy. I got a bunch of used ones recently, but they are not in anywhere near ideal condition. They are going to require a lot of time to clean and I just haven’t had that time lately. I’m also unsure about the back sweetening, though. I’m going for an off-dry/semi-sweet mead with this, but I’ve never back sweetened mead before, so it’s going to be a lot of guesswork. I’m hoping to retain a lot of the apple cider flavor and have this ready for the fall, so there is no hurry, but I always like to have extra carboys on hand and this has been filling carboys for too long for my liking.


Batch071 – Amy and Mitch’s Second Anniversary Mead
This is still sitting in the same carboy since it was racked off of the strawberries a couple months ago. I planned to rack it again after it cleared a bit, but there is a surprising lack of trub and it doesn’t seem necessary to rack it. It is currently in a plastic carboy and I’d like to get it under glass, but that is not currently available.


Batch077 – Old Ale
I recently stole a small sample of this beer and was surprised by the color. It looks close to black in the carboy, which I know is not the best way to judge appearance, but I was still surprised how much lighter the sample was. Then I took a sip and was again surprised, but back in the other direction. It was roasty and delicious. I can’t wait for this beer, but I will anyway. Looking to bottle it around the middle of May and drink around the end of June.


Batch080 – Elkland Golden Lager
I racked this out of the big bucket and into two smaller carboys on April 1 to make room for Elkland Amber Lager, which I brewed that day. I waited another week, until April 8 to add champagne yeast. One packet was dumped straight into each of the carboys after checking the gravity on one of them. On April 21, I checked the gravity of both. Before adding the champagne yeast, the carboy I checked was at 1.01. Two weeks later, they were both at 1.008. The champagne yeast may not have been necessary, I certainly don’t think it hurt anything, though. Both gravity samples tasted great. I added another gallon of filtered, boiled and chilled water to each carboy on the same day as that last sample. I now have a total of ten gallons of this beer. I could probably go ahead and bottle it, but I’m going to give it as long as I can wait to make sure that it will be ready for Memorial Day weekend.


Batch082 – Elkland Amber Lager
I racked this beer out of the bucket and into its own carboys on April 21, as well. The gravity was at 1.01. I went ahead and added water to get the beer to 4.7% ABV, still slightly higher than originally planned, but considering the OG and tasting samples, it seems like the right balance. It was in primary for three weeks, longer than planned and there had not been any activity for quite a while so I figured it was safe to just get as much done as I could during the next beer’s long mash.

Batch083 – Green Eye Rye PA
This beer is happily fermenting. Hopefully it will finish dry in a couple more days, as I normally expect from Nottingham yeast, so I can rack it and get it in bottles quickly to retain as much hop flavor and aroma as possible.


Batch084 – Fruity Berliner Weisse
That’s right, I’m making another fruit infused Berliner Weisse. I haven’t brewed it yet, but I made a lacto starter on April 21. I plan to give that about a week and then brew this up early next week. I’m planning for a BIAB session and with no boil, it should be a quick and easy brew day.

I also recently made a batch of ginger beer and last night I tried my hand at a lemon lime soda for the first time. I plan to do another soda next week and then when they’re all ready to drink, I’ll post more about them. I’ve done ginger beer several times and I always enjoy it. Hopefully the lemon lime soda works as well.


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