Tasting Notes Week and 50th Post!


First of all, this is my fiftieth post on this blog. I’ve been posting every day and I plan to continue that until I’ve gotten caught up on all of my past batches and brewing related adventures. Thanks to everyone who is reading this.

Second, I’ll be at Brewin Up a Cure later this afternoon. See yesterday’s post for details if you need them. I will post about how it goes tomorrow.

Finally, after tomorrow’s Brewin Up a Cure post, the rest of this week will be all tasting notes. I was nervous to start posting these because if there is one thing that drives me crazy on the internet, it’s beer reviews. You have to work really hard to make beer seem boring and there are a lot of people seeming to strive for just that goal on beer review websites. Beer judging is great and certified judges can be extremely helpful, but I don’t think Stone (or anyone) really needs HopHed420 to tell them that Ruination pours slightly hazy off yellow with two fingers of foam and an intense citrusy aroma.

With that in mind, I decided to set up some rules for myself in writing these tasting notes. First, and probably most importantly, I won’t be following any pre-established format. I will write what I notice about the beer as it comes to me. Most of the time, I’ll probably cover the big categories or flavor, aroma, mouthfeel and appearance, but I’ll be posting pictures and if I don’t think that any reference to appearance beyond that is necessary, I won’t write it. Next, I will only write as I drink the beer. I have one twelve ounce beer to drink while I write. When the beer is gone, I need to wrap it up. No trying to remember flavors or conjuring up feelings I think I had while drinking.

Okay, so I guess there are only those two rules. I was still nervous, so I decided I should try this before actually posting these things, so I’ve already written two. At the very least, I think they’re more interesting than the Appearance-Smell-Taste-Mouthfeel-Overall reviews I mentioned. You can be the judge on Tuesday.


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