Week Seven

With all the bottling going on the last week and a half, this week is one of the harder parts of homebrewing. Waiting for beer to carbonate. I am surrounded by bottled beer that it would be best not to drink.

To pass the time while I get through this hardship, I will be writing about some older batches. I will include the predecessors to some of the batches I have conditioning. I already wrote about Biere De Table Cat, the inspiration for this year’s Table Cat, but I’ll be posting about last year’s inaugural Mount Hoodie as well as Elkand Adjunct Lager, the precursor to Elkland Golden Lager (and, tangentially, Elkland Amber Lager).

In addition to these, I’ll post about some batches from shortly before I started this blog, which I still have on hand. This will help me fill in next week, which will be all tasting notes. I’m going to start the week with Mount Hoodie tomorrow, my first lager and one of my favorite original recipes.


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