Val’s Portly Porter

This was my seventh batch overall and my first fully original recipe. It was also kind of a mess. It is a porter with molasses. A lot of molasses. Way too much molasses. It was not terrible, but the molasses was overpowering. I enjoyed it at first, but got sick of it real quick. I decided to see if the molasses would age out at all. Not much. I still have a few bottles of this sitting around. Once I get through the initial descriptions of all these batches, I will go back and do review posts of the ones that I still have. This should actually be one of the more interesting ones to revisit. The last one I remember drinking was several months ago, but it still mostly tasted like molasses.

I already introduced Grim, so I guess I should mention that this beer is named for my other cat, Valor. It was brewed right around the first anniversary of his adoption day. To be clear… I just have the two cats. I won’t be revealing another one every few weeks.


Val’s Portly Porter
Style: Robust Porter
Brew Date: November 2011
Serve Date: December 2011

1 lb Flaked Oats
.5 lb Flaked Barley
.5 lb Crystal 90L
.5 lb Black Patent Malt
6 lb Dark DME
1 lb Molasses (added at flameout)

.75 oz Pearle @ 60 min
.25 oz Pearle @ 30 min
.25 oz Willamette @ 30 min
.75 oz Willamette @ 2 min

Danstar’s Windsor Dry English Ale Yeast


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