Week Five

Similar to last week, I’ll be posting about some of my early batches as well as a new one that I’m planning for this week. The week’s batch, Table Cat, is an update of one that I made last summer, so I’ll be skipping around in my early batches to cover that beer.

Last year, Biere De Table Cat was my first all grain batch. It was an extremely low gravity Belgian style table beer. This year’s batch is similar but with some major changes as well.

In addition to those beers and some earlier batches, I’ll be writing about some new toys I recently added to my collection. I have already mentioned my new water filter briefly, but I’ll write more about that as well as my new refractometer and cordless smoker thermometer. I got these second two after seeing them on Homebrew Finds which I recently discovered. Check it out and follow them on Facebook for constant updates, if you want find yourself justifying the purchase of things like cordless smoker thermometers.


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