Buddy’s Stinky Dog Stout


I’m going to skip a few beers in my chronicle of every batch and come back to them at a more seasonally appropriate time, so my sixth batch was from this kit: http://www.midwestsupplies.com/peace-coffee-java-stout-kit.html

This was my favorite, and most popular with my Dad and buddy Kory (my two go taste testers) batch up to this point. I added more bittering hops than the recipe calls for, because they ask for half an ounce, but send the normal, prepackaged one ounce size and I didn’t know what to do with an extra half ounce. Surprisingly, this didn’t seem to be an issue. The kit came with some coffee to be ground, brewed and added in secondary. I also added a some more coffee that I had on hand.


I’m not sure what kind of coffee or even how much. These are the kind of things that I hope I’ve already gotten better about recording, but want to get even better at with this blog. Anyway, as a result of the extra coffee, I had close to five and a half gallons for this batch. I set one gallon aside for one of the aforementioned seasonal beers, Black and Orange. Black and Orange was half coffee stout, half pumpkin ale, but I’ll write more about that in the fall. The rest of this batch disappeared quick. I bottled some of this beer in big 750 ml bottles. This was my first time using larger than 12 oz bottles.
Stinky Dog Coffee Stout
Style: Coffee Stout
Brew Date: September 2011
Serve Date: October 2011

8 oz Chocolate
4 oz Flaked Barley
4 oz Crystal 60L
4 oz Roasted Barley
6 lb Dark LME

1 oz Challanger @ 60 minutes (recipe calls for .5 oz)
1 oz Tettnang @ 2 minutes

Peace coffee and additional coffee


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