Batch 3: Grim’s Pale Ale and the Party Pig

IMG_20110907_004706My third batch, brewed from this recipe kit:

Yes, I accidentally ordered a partial mash kit for my third batch. I did not have a hydrometer yet and I have no idea if I even got conversion. What I did get, was some terrible oxidation. This was not the first time I racked to secondary, but somehow I decided I didn’t need to siphon. Not knowing what I was doing, I decided to just dump the partially fermented wort from the primary bucket into a funnel into the carboy. If you are just starting out brewing… don’t do this. Especially with a hoppy beer.

Siphon it. At minimum, all you need is your bottling hose. Fill it with water and stick one end in the full primary, sitting on a table, and the other in the secondary fermentor sitting on the floor. This was the first batch I did that didn’t turn out very well. It was still drinkable, but it made me do some research… and stay away from hoppy beers for a little while. The first part was for the better, the second maybe not. This beer was grassy with a side of cardboard.

This was the first time I used my Party Pig. Party Pig is a kegging alternative that is basically a two and a half gallon plastic bottle. You put your beer in with some corn sugar, seal it up and condition it like a normal bottle with one addition. You put a pouch inside with the beer that contains a couple different chemicals in different sections. When the beer carbonates, one of the sections pops and the chemicals mix. They expand and keep the beer pressurized as you draw it out of the tap so it can keep carbonation. It is a nice, cheap alternative to kegging when you are just starting out. The only problem is that the seal on the draft cap can be a pain to get on just right. My local homebrew store doesn’t carry the pressure pouches either, which means I need to order them online.

The recipe for this batch is below. I’m not including process notes because, honestly, I’m not sure if I did it correctly at the time and if you want to, you’re better off buying the kit and following the included instructions.


Grim’s Pale Ale
Style: American Pale Ale
Brew Date: July 2011
Serve Date: August 2011

8 oz Carapils
8 oz Crystal 10L
4 lb American 2 Row
3.3 lb Light LME

1 oz. Cascade @ 60 min
1 oz. Cascade @15 min
1 oz. Cascade @ 2 min

Munton and Fision Ale Yeast


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