My Second Batch: Flat Tire

My second batch was brewed from this recipe kit:


This kit is meant to be a clone of Fat Tire, which I had never had t the time. I’m not sure why I chose this as my second batch, other than the lore of the mythic “Belgian” beers, which I knew nothing about at the time (and know only marginally more now). I remember this being another tasty, malty beer. I don’t think it tasted anything like Fat Tire, or any actual Belgian beer, most of which get the majority of their character from their unique yeasts. All I know for sure about this beer is that it’s the only one of the first several batches I made that I didn’t manage to save a few bottles of. So whatever it was, it was good enough to drink five gallons of in short order.


This was also my first time racking for secondary fermentation and my first time using a carboy.

Style: Belgian-ish Brown-ish/Amber-ish Ale
Brew Date: July 2011
Serve Date: August 2011

6 lb. Light liquid malt extract

Steeping Grains:
8 oz. Special B
8 oz. Caramel 120L
8 oz. Munich 10L

1 oz. Northern Brewer @ 60 min
1 oz. Saaz @5 min

Nottingham? Apparently that is the default.


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