Amy Ni-Kölsch Competition Results

I entered each of the first two batches of Amy Ni-Kölsch into BJCP competitions.  They got very similar results, though the second scored slightly better.  Most of the comments are about problems with the water quality.  This is something that has never phased me, but has gotten me knocked in every competition I’ve entered.  I tried letting water sit out for 24 hours before brewing to dechlorinate but got the same comments.  I finally got a water filter just a few weeks ago and Maggie Moo’s Cocoa Cream Stout is the first batch I’ve made with it.  We’ll see how that goes, as I have a couple competitions coming up.

The first batch was entered in the first annual Beans and Brews event in Elizabethtown, Pa.  There were four judges, three gave it 26 and one gave it 28, giving it a total of 26.5.  All four mentioned off flavors and/or harshness from chlorinated water.  Their score sheets are below.IMG_0572


IMG_0576IMG_0578The second batch was entered in the Mount Hope Brewfest.  It was judged by two people, one scoring it 27 and one 29, averaging a score of 28.  Despite the slightly better scores, I feel like the comments from this competition sound more negative.  They both say it’s off style for color and one of them says it’s supposed to be a lager (?), which bothers me.  I know the style is normally cold aged, and this one was, but that doesn’t make it a lager.  And now I’m afraid I sound bitter, but anyway…IMG_0581IMG_0580

I was hoping to get a water filter before this year’s batch and enter it somewhere to see how much difference it would make, but I wasn’t able to get it in time and was not as happy with year’s batch, anyway.  Next year.

That wraps up Kölsch week, and (almost as if I’d planned it) gives a good segue into next week.  I mentioned last year’s Beans and Brews event,  well it’s that time again.  Learn more about the event here.  If you want details on what I’ll be doing, come back all next week.


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